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Our area of expertise is in the supply and rental of construction equipment to the civil , marine and petrochemical construction sectors.We offer the best possible solutions for your project needs.


Worm Pumps

Worm pumpsare used to mix, pump and spray dry mixes and wet mortars. These machines arethe ideal choice for delivering mortar for lining of pipes, spraying fire proofing materials on steel structures and premixed plasters on concrete surfaces.

Spray Plaster Machine

MP 25 Plaster Machine is an electric driven pump suitable for mixing, pumping and spraying premix dry mortar with a maximum pressure of up 40 bar and can deliver up to 25 l/min.

Sand Transfer and Screed Pumps

Mixokret floor screed machine has a powerful pump with a delivery maximum pressure of up to 6 bar.The air compressor adopted in the screed pump facilitate the pneumatic conveyingofsand and screed through flexible rubber hoses that..

Piston Pump

The P 13 is a robust dual piston pump, developed to deal with even the most demanding site-made mixes consisting of lime, cement, and all types of sand (crushed sand, dune sand, washed river/sea sand, desert sand and much more...)